Getting involved

Edinburgh for Under Fives would be nothing without its wonderful volunteer researchers. For the current edition of the book more than 70 parents and carers helped us by providing reviews, information and articles. Some contributed one review, others more than 20. Some wrote features about aspects of caring for under 5s. Some even contributed to other related websites as reviewers.

Some of our researchers were mums on maternity leave looking for something a bit different to do, others fancied developing their writing skills as a contrast to their day jobs. But you don't have to be the next J K Rowling to review for Edinburgh for Under Fives (although maybe you are - you never know until you try!). All you need is some time, a bit of commitment to visit the place(s) you said you would, and at least one under 5.

In the past, we've recruited researchers the spring and summer before the book is due out - but the brilliant thing about having an online version of the book is that the research never stops! When we get useful information on a new or existing venue, activity or service for under 5s we don't need to wait until we're working on the next edition of the book to let our readers know about it. 

So, how can you help? Get out and about and have fun with your wee ones, but while you're doing that you could help us in a number of ways:

  • Make a note of any information we've provided in the book or online that's out of date and let us know by emailing
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for news of any new venues or activities that are on the horizon, and tell us about them. 
  • If the place you're visiting doesn't already have a 'Top Tip' attached and you can think of one, please send it in! We'll add it to the existing review.
  • Let us know if you'd be interested in taking on any reviews. When we hear about a new venue that we need reviewed, we'll get in touch. All we need to know is whereabouts you live and the age of your wee one(s) - this is so we don't do something like allocating a soft play venue across town to someone with a tiny baby. We want you to have a good trip out as well as do your research!
  • Or you could spy somewhere that's under-5 friendly and not yet in the book and review it yourself! Check with us first to make sure no-one else has beaten you to it, and so that we can send you a special form to complete listing all the information we're after.

Every month we'll be looking to award a £10 voucher to a parent or carer who's provided a really useful piece of information, so don't be shy! Email with your comments, ideas, information and top tips.