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Turning a comedy club into a family-friendly venue

Monkey Barrel Comedy is one of Edinburgh's newest family-friendly eateries. It offers top stand-up comedy by night, but by day it has started to welcome all ages into its café. We asked one of the owners - a dad of two under 5s - how he went about launching this exciting new venue. For the past year, I’ve been one of the owner/managers of Monkey Barrel Comedy, situated just off the Royal Mile. It's been one rollercoaster of a journey, with many new things to learn. It's a far cry from my previous life in financial services!


Day In the Life Photography

As another year draws to a close, are you looking at your children in wonder and disbelief at how fast they're growing up? We certainly are. Karyn Horler decided to document a day-in-the-life of her family, so that they could look back, remember and laugh about their life with little ones. She contacted Armands Sprogis of A-Fotografy, and we spoke to her afterwards to find out what spurred her into booking a photography session and about her family's experience.


You Teach Them ABC… We Teach Them RUN DMC!

Step It Up Dance tells us all about their brand new class for the littlest hip hop dancers. Dance? What does that make you think of? Ballet? Tap? Both fairly traditional and rigid forms of dance. So what do you do if you want your kids to learn a fresh, fun and funky form of dance? One that appeals to both boys and girls? 

Song Circle is making a movie!

Song Circle can be found at the Skylark Café in Stockbridge, running 10 weekday sessions and a Saturday morning drop-in featuring Scottish and folk songs, poetry, dance and percussion for pre-schoolers. With two very popular albums of songs released, the group now hopes to capture the hugely talented and funny crop of current Song Circlers on film. Gill Bowman tells us more.

Little Crafters to the rescue!

What happens when a need for change, a demand for new challenges and a passion for crafting combine? Kat Dougal, co-founder of Little Crafters tells Edinburgh for Under Fives about the inspiration behind this new group.

Let's Face the Music and Dance!

As a child, I used to adore going to outdoor music concerts with my family. It wasn't just the fabulous music that appealed so much, but the shared experience with my mum, dad and sister. Of course, there was also the “guess the colour of the marshmallow” competition too; we'd always take a picnic and we'd each take it in turns to pop a sweet treat into our mouths, eyes shut, to guess whether it was pink or white!

Guest Blog: It Cost Me a Wetsuit!

Baby massage is a wonderful skill to help you to soothe and bond with your baby, and can be used as your children become older too.  Instructor Anne Nash tells us how massage has transformed her professional and family life. "It Cost Me a Wetsuit": If I ever wrote a book, that is what I should call it. Or so I was told! I think this will be the closest I'll get to writing a book, so hence the name. To the mum, from my baby massage course several years ago, who suggested it...thank you.

Glitter Glue and Sticky Stars

Well, the weather during the last Bank Holiday weekend left a lot to be desired. We had family visiting and wanted to share with them some of fantastic activities Edinburgh has to offer. So we invited them to peruse the Undercover section of Edinburgh for Under Fives and they decided that we should all go to Deep Sea World. Much fun was had by all, and many photographs were taken. I've started to make collages for my son Jack's nursery wall, documenting our adventures around the city and marking his 'firsts'.

Guest Blog: Cranial Osteopathy for Infants and Children

Cranial osteopathy encourages the release of tension and stresses in the body and it can boost the wellbeing and aid the recovery of babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  Edinburgh practioner Adam Harker tells us about his work and its benefits to small children.

Baby Steps: Getting Out and About in Edinburgh

About a week after my c-section, walking the 400 metres to my parents'-in-law for Christmas dinner felt like a huge achievement. It was also the first step towards feeling human again. When bending down or reaching up is both awkward and not advised, standing straight and moving forwards feels liberating. Perhaps that sounds strange, but if you've walked in my shoes you'll hopefully understand.